In these last few hopeless months until the local pool opens, I'll be getting my chlorine fix by bleaching the hell out of my not-so-sparkling white sheets, scrubbing my grout, and... making a gorgeous blanket?

Who knew that bleach could lend itself to such a variety of DIY projects? Here are some of our favorite uses for this trusty household staple.

  1. DIY Bleach Tie-Dyed Swaddle Blanket by Say Yes
  2. Bleach-Dyed Towels and Napkins by Design*Sponge
  3. Fabric Bleach Art and Napkins by Craft By Photo
  4. Hand-Bleached Place Mats by Martha Stewart
  5. Easy Batik by Martha Stewart
  6. Bleached Chevron Rug by Burlap & Denim via Apartment Therapy
  7. DIY Bleach Curtains by Larisa Fashion
  8. Sunkissed Ombre Stripe Pillow by Design*Sponge
  9. Fading Fabrics How-To by Martha Stewart
  10. EVERYTHING ELSE, according to The Hairpin's Ask A Clean Person. According to Jolie Kerr, whose new book My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag...and Other Things You Can't Ask Martha just came out, bleach will free your home of hair dye, orange bacteria, soap scum, and more.