Best Wallpaper 2008: Designers & Sources (with massive links)

Perhaps you don't know that wallpaper is the hippest new old thing since sliced bread, or perhaps you do and you're wondering where on earth to look for really cool new wallpaper styles. Our blog is a treasure trove of ideas and leads. For today's email, I've put together a list of all the best wallpaper leads IN ONE PLACE. This email is your wallpaper goldmine. Save it. Use it. Have fun...

Send me more wallpaper tips and I'll add the good ones to the list when I post it on the blog:


>> Nama Rococo

>> Surface View Wallpaper Murals

>> Orla Kiely Wallpaper

>> Osborne and Little

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>> Suzy Hoodless

>> Studio Nommo

>> Trove

>> Pottock

>> Calendar Wallpaper from Christiaan Postma

>> WallPops Removable Wallpaper

>> Hybrid Wallpaper by NICE

>> Timourous Beasties Wallpaper


>> Best of Three: Black and Gold Wallpaper Patterns

>> Best Online Wallpaper Sources 2008 - With links for:

• Mod Green Pod
• Cavern Home
• Graham and Brown
• Rapture and Wright
• Ferm Living
• Nama Rococo
• Flavor League
• Cole and Son
• Wall Collection
• Farrow & Ball

>> Top 10 Wallpaper and Graphics 2007 - With links for:

• Wallpaper by Timorous Beasties (UK)
• Hybrid Wallpaper by Nice (UK)
• Cowboy Wallpaper from Cath Kidston (UK)
• Walldecoration by Toni Kjeld (DK)
• Explosive Wallpaper by Maxalot
• Animalflowers by Hanna Werning (DK)
• Traditional Wallpaper by Farrow Ball
• Flavorpaper by Flavor League
• Wallcoverings by Eijffinger (NL)
• Wallpaper by Twenty2
• Wallpaper by Nama Rococo

• Wallbands by Twenty2 (US)
• Wallter by Fold (US)
• Wallpaper Tiles by Mioculture
• Surface Graphics by Blik
• Wall Graphics by Vinyl
• Vinyl Letters by Wonderful Graffitti


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THE TOP OF THE ARCHIVE (chronologically)

>> Best of Three: Chicago House Tours - 8.27.08


>> The Dutch Bicycle Company: Sexy Dutch Roadsters - 8.26.08


>> Best of Three: Simple, Legged Side Tables - 8.24.08


>> "Hello, Neighbor": Simple Words, Big Change - 8.22.08


>> Intelligentsia's Finest Fez - 8.21.08


>> InstaPool! : Galvanized Tanks from Behlen Country - 8.15.08

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