Best Wine Racks for the Home 2008

Best Wine Racks for the Home 2008

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 12, 2008

>> Vintage View Racks at Cafe Falai (above)
Vintage View Racks in our home (we buy them through Beverage Factory and eBay)

I am proud to say that while I have cut down on my swollen book collection, gotten rid of my CD's (they've all been ripped and the CD's sold off), and given a lot of old clothes away, I love collecting wine bottles (full). It's not that I INVEST in wine or anything as snooty as that, but I really like (insert guilty *smile* here) having racks of them so that we don't have to run out to the store every week and can have that feeling of ABUNDANCE in our home...

Out in our family's weekend home, I just finished achieving my dream: the installation of six contiguous wine racks that hold way too much wine, but completely TRANSFORM the look and feel of our little dining room (picture to follow - but sample of two racks from our apartment is below). I installed the racks on Saturday and bought two cases of great wine (between $10-$20 a bottle is my range) recommended by my friend Jacques who owns this store. So, with that in mind, here is my roundup of great wine racks for your home walls and my recommendation to use racks and bottles as an affordable, imbibable, organic way of decorating your kitchen or dining room.

BTW, for those of you who are wary of wine storage like this that leaves bottle vulnerable to the light, I asked a really knowledgeable fellow about this and he said that, yes, direct light is bad for wine. But if you're storing wine there to consume on a regular basis and not doing any aging, it is fine in this kind of rack. Wine is a lot sturdier than most people think. If you expose wine to drastic temperature changes, like from fridge to warm outdoor conditions, back in fridge, back outside, etc., that can take its toll. Ideally, wine should be kept in a darker place, but we all don't have perfect scenarios for storing wine and for a short period of time, this kind of storage is fine. Just about every wine store has similar lighting, and those bottles are kept out.

With stuff you care about, put it in the bottom of your closet.

>> Classic 12-Bottle Hardwood Wine Rack (expandable) - these really are great and we've used these many times with a dab of glue in the joints

>> Cellar Wine Rack from CB2
- I really liked their metal take on this classic four triangle design

>> Built-In Mailing Tube Wine Rack from Readymade
- who can argue with DIY that looks like Shiguru Ban?

>> Float Wall Shelf by Modern Cellar
- I liked this for the wood and the fact that it displayed single bottles nicely at the same time (not for those with cats or children)

>> SPORADIC Wall Panel
- just supercool

>> VURM Wine Rack from Ikea
- as always, Ikea finds some cool, high end design and makes it for pennies.

Other Good Rack Sources to Troll Around In for Pricing:

>> International Wine Accessories
>> Beverage Factory

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