Bestow: 4 Simple Wrapping Ideas For Any Occasion

Although we usually write about creative wrapping solutions around the holidays, we thought it might be a great thing to brush up on with weddings and baby showers in full swing. We've always been a big fan of using wrapping that will work for any event and these 4 fresh ideas from the D.Sharp Journal fit the bill. Check out more info on these great projects, made simply and inexpensively, after the jump...


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Wrapped In Leftovers: This idea uses a plain paper and a handful of paintchips from your local hardware store. Attach them to string with a bit of glue (or pre-made glue dots if you are in a hurry) and you're ready to wrap things up. Your designs can be simple like they are here, or more complicated if you are working with a theme (monkeys for a children's safari birthday party or doves for a wedding).

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No Glue Magnets: This simple idea utilizes magnetized letters without any tape or glue on the front side of the package. A ruler is simply placed on the inside of the paper (found inexpensively at the dollar store where the magnets can be found also) and secured with a piece of matching paper and a few pieces of tape. This will keep your letters on, even if the package is tipped on it's side. Plus it gives you a keepsake from a special day in addition to the gift being given.

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Glitter Letters: Using letters from chipboard (although we think cardstock would work just fine) with a coating of glitter, attached with twine, this gift looks fit for a king. Plus, any excuse to pick up fun colors of glitter is always a bonus. Spell out something short and simple or make your letters smaller for longer text. Either way, your gift is sure to be a show stopper!

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Wine Bottle Tags: Bringing wine to a party is usually just a way of life. That doesn't mean it can't have a little extra something, which is why we love this simple tag (where you can click through for a printable pdf) that is easily printed on whatever papers you might have laying around the house.

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All photos used courtesy of Denise Sharp

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