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Brooklyn, NY
United States
What do you love about your bedroom?:
We love the original pre-war details of the room, the moldings, the parquet floors. It's huge for New York, which is great. We both always dreamed of having a full wall of bookshelves and we finally do! We're also pretty proud of our growing art display above the bed.
What are your tips for creating a beautiful, healthy and organized bedroom?:
Comfy bedding is a must! Lots of layers. And a good nightstand with drawers and a lamp of some sort, I lived a long time without one and I'm not sure now how I did it.
In modern homes, bedrooms have become more than just a place to sleep; they can be a retreat, a home office, a library, a relaxation zone. What are some ways you make the most of your bedroom?:
We try to keep our bedroom solely a room for sleep, there's no TV, just wireless speakers for our iPhones. We feel it's more relaxing that way. However, I guess it does serve as a library too. There's also lots of storage going on under the bed, very necessary in a New York apartment.