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Glendale, CA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
When we decided to save money and downsize from our longtime rental in Silver Lake, we knew we would be sacrificing major square footage. But, as we explored our charming little back house for the first time, we became so excited by the possibilities that the size didn't really register. All we could think about was how bright and happy it felt inside. Is it too hippie to say it? The vibe was right. As were the details that we could build on.The plentitude of paned windows and the light they let in, the fenced yard with a big tree begging to be hammock-ed, our cute kitchen, the coziest bedroom ever (maybe because it's literally a bed-room with our eastern king), and (thank god) the garage. We also love that, with the addition of a semi-built-in bookcase, we finally have a little library nook in our office. And we are just a short stroll from of our favorite farmers market, restaurants, and shops on the Atwater Village strip and dangerously close to Eagle Rock Brewery.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
Hands down -- limited space and storage (followed closely by taking pictures of said small space). My 6'x2' closet is the only one in the whole house, and our kitchen has an eighth of the cupboards of our last place. But tricky things like this force you to get creative. So, we got my husband an IKEA wardrobe that somehow fits (along with our king bed) in the tiny bedroom, a barrister bookcase for dish storage, a small vintage hutch for the bathroom, all our spices and knives are magnetic, and I stash the vacuum behind one of the living room drapes. Small homes require you only keep around things that you love and that feed the space you're constantly recreating. This is another challenging, but fun, element -- a compact casa is never finished. You're always moving things around, thinning stuff out, looking for a better place to put one thing or another, always seeking balance and the best possible design for every nook, because every corner counts all the more when the whole is tiny.
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