Beware of Antique Appraisers

Beware of Antique Appraisers

Rachael Grad
Aug 19, 2008

We heard this interesting story "Don't Let Go Of That Family Silver Too Easily" on NPR. The story warns against shady appraisers and deceptive antiques dealers who take advantage of people trying to sell their family goods. Alice Furlaud of NPR reports how she was swindled by a "friend of a friend" who over-charged her for an appraisal and took her most valuable antiques in lieu of a ridiculously high fee...

The appraiser claimed that she owed him $1,200 for his 3-hour appraisal, travel time included. Years ago when we had a garage sale (as kids at our parent's house), antique dealers arrived before the sale actually started and picked through the goods as we were setting them out. A few argued over our collection of Nancy Drew books from the 1960s, which our mom picked up for us at another garage sale. We later found out that they gave us way too little for the set.

So if you're planning to hold your own estate or garage sale, be warned of the shady tactics of appraisers and dealers! To hear the full NRP story click here.

Have you had your own bad experience with antique appraisers or dealers?

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