Big Boy/Girl Bed

Big Boy/Girl Bed

Feb 12, 2007

It's time to let the crib go. Your baby has grown up, and no longer sleeps in a crib—and is getting too big for the toddler bed. It's time to shop for a real bed, a nice twin frame with maybe a bedside table to go next to it.

For the devoted modernist or anyone who wants some well-designed kids furniture without a lot of embellishments, TrueModern has created a great line of dressers, beds, and bookshelves.

We especially like the platform bed, that has really simple yet strong lines, and the sprightly little bedside table that comes with orange, green, or blue painted trim.

The pieces are made of real wood, then coated with a nontoxic finish. Everything's appealing, but authentic—nothing looks like it's trying too hard to be trendy. And we think the furnishings would last well into the teen years, so it would be money well spent.

Available through the company's website, and also at Giggle.

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