Big Chill Refrigerators

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Old appliances get the Botox treatment. Vintage American design is great for its lines and its audacious color. Big Chill Refrigerators bring back both along with a brand new machine under the hood. Mentioned today by reporter SH, "Since we're talking vintage....There is a new "very cool" line of refrigerators--retro 50's style in fabulous colors." - she is on to something. This Boulder, Colorado family run company was started in 2001 and now offers a full line of colors and options starting at $2,200. As they say on their website, "Our refrigerator is like a stylish ’57 Chevy Bel Air (only the fins are missing)." MGR Ps. photo is not a Big Chill, but darn close.

for those who like to express a bit of style, uniqueness and enjoy terrific color.

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