Big Design on a Small Budget

Big Design on a Small Budget

Mat Sanders
Sep 10, 2011

Though we believe all design is created equal, the look-for-less will always remain in high demand here on Apartment Therapy. Luckily, we have answers to many of your budget conscience needs, thanks to our years of home design coverage—both high and low. From design shops at low price points to tips and tricks for creating elegant interiors that won't break the bank, check out this guide for big design on a small budget.

1. Rugs on the Cheap: 12 Good Sources
2. Affordable Home Office Alternatives To Our DWR Favorites
3. Affordable Kitchen Must-Haves: 12 Smart Sources
4. 10 Brand-Name Designer Gifts for Less
5. Beyond IKEA: 10 Other Cheap, Chic Furniture Stores

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6. Look! 5 Ideas That Make A Big Impact On A Small Budget
7. Style on a Budget: Savvy Decor and Design Ideas Under $50
8. Budget Decorating Ideas from the New 25 Hours Hotels
9. Good Questions: Inexpensive Furniture Sources?
10. Setting Up Home: Making Inherited Designs Look Deliberate

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