Big Ideas From A Small Kitchen

Spotted In The Midwest Fall Cure

Fall Cure participant lilithslair is making the most out of her small kitchen with this giant mirror above the stove. We love the idea as it brings great light and depth to a space that could feel tight and claustrophobic. Click through the jump for a few more views (and ideas!) from her efficient and cozy kitchen.

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The drying rack in this kitchen is the perfect size and the washtub (next to the fridge) adds the ability to have a basin inside of the sink.

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Even though the space is small, there are two work spaces that have been weaseled in. One in the built in china cabinet and the other next to the stove.

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A drop leaf table allows the ability to move around the table freely when company isn't over, but can expand to host 6 or more!

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Sarah Trover has lived all across the Midwest and currently calls the hot dog-laden city of Chicago home. She rides scooters and seeks out kitchens that make the best pie.