Big Storage Solutions Inspired by Little Rooms: Part Two

Big Storage Solutions Inspired by Little Rooms: Part Two

Janel Laban
Apr 30, 2008


The editors of our site about homelife with children, Ohdeedoh, just wrapped up a contest all about a subject that is just as challenging for small spaces dwellers as it is for busy parents - where to put all the stuff. Here is Part Two in a series featuring some of the best ideas of the contest - great looking, smart and design minded reader-submitted solutions that could easily be translated into more grownup storage. Click on the photo links above or jump below for a closer look:

Bins and Muffin Tins: A small house (with only 1.5 closets total) for a family of 4 means lots of smart storage is needed. The attic bedrooms have angled walls so custom built shelving on both sides utilizes what would be wasted space by accommodating books, blankets and bins for both clothing and toys,

Cheap and Cheerful Cubes: Four inexpensive bookshelves purchased a hardwarde store were connected with wood glue to form two cubicle units that fit on either side of a radiator, under the windows. The radiator was covered with a piece of plywood patterned with 1" holes to allow for air circulation. This solution made usable, built-in looking finished space out of what would have been a hard to use area.

Boom Boom Bins: Unusual and beautiful, these storage bins were made from wooden drum shells that Dominique stained dark. She created soft upholstered lids for them from plywood circles and sealed the fabrics with acrylic matte varnish to make them easy to keep clean.


Refurbished Bookcase: Jennifer took a used bookcase and remade it by changing out hardware, painting the inside orange and the outside gray to match the decor. She covered the see through door panels with pattered fabric to add some pattern while hiding the clutter stored inside.

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