BIJL - Booth #14

BIJL - Booth #14

Nancy Mitchell
Sep 19, 2012

Design: FILTER
Materials: Laser cut 3mm acrylic, Phillips MASTERLED 12W A60 globe in warm white, custom 1m black nylon cord with ES bulb fitting, AU socket plug

Pitch: "FILTER light is a highly intelligent design developed by architect studio BIJL from advanced modelling techniques. It is an holistic light fitting, where product and packaging come together to pack, form and market a product. Built entirely from its flat-pack packaging, and leaving zero waste, FILTER's delicate pre-cut tab construction is simple and elegant. "

"There is no single version of FILTER because the design allows each consumer to create a beautiful, functional light in a variety of ways. Not only does the consumer create their own aesthetically unique product with minimal assembly, but the design allows huge scope for further customisation. The prototype pendant light has been made and developed from acrylic and cardboard, but the design adapts to wood and metal and to table lamp and floor standing lamp applications. The light can also be manually dimmed, changing its length, footprint and ambience.

FILTER evolved from the architects' exploration of the demand for flat-packed design objects in the contemporary age and of the constraints inherent to flat-pack philosophy, where sustainability and economic efficiency are of utmost importance. By integrating product and packaging, the design filters out of the excesses associated with consumables, creating a quintessentially sustainable product."


Designer: Melonie Bayl-Smith
Link: BIJL Architecture
Location: Sydney, Australia


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