Bijou and Zion's Cardboard Playhouse

My Great Outdoors

Names: Adrienne, Taariq, Jena (8), Ashni (6), Bijou (3), Zion (1)
Location: Oxford, MS

We have quite a bit of space in our front and backyard, but we rent our house, so we can't make any major changes to the landscape. I wanted to have a little playhouse for my two younger daughters that could be moved from place to place. So I decided to create a little, sturdy cardboard playhouse that could be stored in the garage, but easily moved out into the yard.

Our local Sears Appliance store had a pile of large, sturdy cardboard with a sort of honeycomb shaped core. A couple of rolls of silver duct tape and a few simple line drawings and the girls have a pretty nice little house. It is super light weight and easy to move and it actually stays pretty cool in the HOT Mississippi spring/summer.

Thanks Adrienne!

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