Bike Wheel & Paper Airplane Mobile

Lauren Clark

Looking for a unique solution for the classic nursery mobile for your son (or daughter!)? This Do-it-Yourself project by photographer Lauren Clark is a brilliant idea for those that appreciate handmade solutions utilizing unusual (but gorgeous) materials.

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Lauren of Lauren Clark Photography came up with this stunning and clever idea of using a bicycle wheel and paper airplanes covered in comic book paper to create a one-of-a-kind mobile for her son's nursery. I, being the mother of two boys, find this solution very exciting since it's always a challenge finding interesting ways to make a boy's room aesthetically appealing, while avoiding all of those "boy" design cliches. The great thing about this mobile is that you could easily use it in a girl's room, too.

Click over to her blog to find out how she made it. Thanks Lauren for this fabulous idea!

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