Birdie Walk Felt Rug

Birdie Walk Felt Rug

May 15, 2007

This humorous wool felt rug is the creation of British textile designer and knitter Donna Wilson.

It's hard to tell for certain from the photo, but the bird tracks look like cutouts. If that's so we'd love to see a version in which the tracks are simply a felted-in or woven-in pattern, since cutouts often become little traps for dust and dirt.

Still, what a charming idea for a surface pattern. It would be easy to replicate with a paintbrush, and might be even more charming on walls, windows, or ceilings.

Wilson's rug comes in four standard colors (olive, bright green, earth brown and turquoise) and two irregular sizes. The large costs £280, about US$555.

Ordering info is here.

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