Birth Announcements Hollywood Style

Birth Announcements Hollywood Style

Julia Cho
Jun 11, 2007

You'll only do it one time- announce the birth of your child to the world- well, at least to your friends and family. We've seen a range of birth announcements- everything from printed cards with photos, beautiful handmade cards, and even web announcements. If you want to make your recipients smile, and make yours memorable- these Movie Poster Announcements might be just the thing.

Movie Poster Announcements were created when the founder, a graphic artist by trade, was having his first child and wanted to create a unique birth announcement. The reception he got from friends and family was so great, he decided to start making the announcements for others.

Though they may not be everyone's style, the great thing about these announcements are all of the fun details that fit with the movie motif. For example, "Catering by Mom," or "Rated B for Boy or G for Girl." All you need to do is send them your favorite digital photo- they'll do the rest, including show you a proof before printing. Save one for your child- when they're grown, they're sure to enjoy seeing themselves star in their very own movie.

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