Birthday Rings

Birthday Rings

Alejandra Valera
Feb 5, 2009

We wish we would have found these four years ago. As we begin to mentally prepare for our son's birthday in June (How did our baby suddenly turn into an almost-5-year-old?), we think we'll be adding the lovely Birthday Rings to our birthday shopping list. What better way to remember a special birthday, than with a keepsake your child will treasure for years to come?

Available at Nova Natural, the Cherry wood 12-hole birthday ring set, $35.90, includes a wooden 4-piece holder, 12-hole birthday ring, 12 natural beeswax candles and 5 brass candle holders.

And there are many ring insert ornaments to choose from, so you're certain to find one perfect for your child hobbies, personalities and favorites.

Also available, is the 16 hole ring set.

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