Blend 'Til You Drop: Tips & Tricks and Blending an iPhone!?

Blend 'Til You Drop: Tips & Tricks and Blending an iPhone!?

Jason Yang
Jul 29, 2011

Blenders are loud, take up space, and are a huge pain to clean. But boy, do they make a mean margarita. Read on to find out about their almost century-old history, cleaning tips, motion sensor blender cat deterrents, DIY blenders, as well as a roundup of some great blenders.

Invented by a Mr. Stephen Poplawski, blenders were first introduced in the early 1900s, helping to create malt drinks and milk shakes along the way. Many different takes and variations came about, such as the Waring Blender and Miracle Mixer

Mechanically, a blender is simply a blade spun by an electric motor inside of a jar - grinding, chopping, pureeing, and whipping around the contents until they reach a frothy, blended combination of the original ingredients. Refinements to the blender throughout almost a century have brought about better blade designs and fancy calculated settings and configurations.

Bringing with it smoothies, mixed drinks, and all the other delicious applications we love today, the blender has deserved a small amount of precious counter space in our kitchens.

For your amusement, check out this iPhone in a blender.

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