blik This Wall!: Chicago Finalist #3 - Victor aka "AztecGold"

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A "blikked out" home office from Victor.

When he sent us his "after" photos, he wrote, "I'll have to admit, I was pretty skeptical, but my wife did a great job with the decals. The birds on the door are a nice touch. And the bamboo matches my guitar. Very nice. I'll have to say she won this bet. My office has been transformed from a wasteland into a wonderland. Thank you, Blik!"

Finalist: Victor aka Aztec Gold
Choices: Bamboo in Tan and
Fly in Green shades

Check out Victor's photos below the jump...
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From Victors's Original Comment/Entry:

"I am a writer who spends a LOT of time in my office which is painted a stark white. My wife keeps bugging me to paint my walls, but I like my all-white mod inspired room. A great compromise would be to use the Bamboo decals along the bottom my largest white wall ......and the Fly in green shades above one of my writing desks -- where ideas take flight...;-)"

The photos of the office are inspiring. Thanks to Victor (and his wife Sandra!) for entering and sharing the results!

We've posted all three AT:Chicago finalists this week. Be sure to look for the finalists in LA, NY and SF, too.

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