Blissful Blue Magic Makeovers From Style North

Blissful Blue Magic Makeovers From Style North

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 4, 2009

The team over at Style North are the masterminds behind some of the most inexpensive, yet luxurious makeovers we've seen in awhile. Although we usually pride ourselves on doing things on the cheap with great results, we've never been into metal restoration, or in this case, deconstruction. Click through the jump to see how this brass lamp (usually destined for spray paint in our book) was revived using a product that's inexpensive and found in the automotive department!

Style North is a great place for anyone with great taste and limited means. They strive to be your go-to source for terrific deals and fabulous finds, connecting Canadian readers with decorating resources. Even if you aren't Canadian, there are still great makeovers and transformations to be had without a sign of milk in a bag or Mounties anywhere.

After reading their post on the restoration of this lamp, a whole new world of furniture and home decor was shown to us. The product used to create the transformation is Blue Magic Metal Polish Cream. It is usually used on the garage on your cars and bikes, but in this case, it was used in combination with a little elbow grease and steel wool.

It even worked for this table!
Style North tells us how to see if "the electroplated stripping method" will work for your next thrift store/auction find.

How can you tell if a piece is plated? If it's vintage (brass plate was popular in the 1970s so the era will be a clue) the plate will likely be worn or pocked revealing some "silver" underneath. If the item is newer it will have a shiny "gold" color—solid brass is typically heavier and burnished with some degree of patina.

We tracked down the Blue Magic Metal Polish Cream on Amazon, although now that we know what to look for, we're betting we can find it somewhere locally instead. Check the automotive sections of your big box stores or head out to an auto parts store and we're sure you'll have some luck!

Thanks Style North for the terrific transformations and great inexpensive tips to making our thrifting finds fabulous!

Photos courtesy of Style North.

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