Blog News: Shelter

Blog News: Shelter

Heather Blaha
Mar 12, 2007

Not to be confused with Shelterrific, of course, Shelter is a blog about "Creating a Home that Heals the Soul," hosted by lsaspacey.

We love finding new blogs by clicking your names and links in our comment threads; we found Shelter host lsaspacey here, talking shop about Nagel candlesticks.

For our first look, we lovvved that a blogger so dedicated to design and organization would showcase her clutter. Lsaspacey just signed on to start the Spring Cure, to help with her pack-rat ways...

Blogging for a year now, Shelter is one we're curious to watch. We love the honesty, the pre-Cure posts, and the look at how to reconcile multiple design personalities, desires, strengths and weaknesses all in one person.

Thanks, lsaspacey!

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