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It’s no secret, we like to visit Made by Joel regularly to keep up to speed on what clever kid-centered projects he’s been up to. An all around talented guy, Joel creates wonders with wood, paper and found objects. Is it too much to say we have a bit of a blogger crush on Made by Joel?

Well, what we know for sure is that in a week of celebrating clever dads, we would be remiss not to do an ode to Joel. So here is a roundup of the dozen times he has appeared on Ohdeedoh over the past year and a half.

1. My Favorite Children's Book: Joel Henriques
2. Modern Doll House and Furniture
3. Make Your Own Slotted Building Discs
4. Flower Building Toy
5. Make a Simple Paper Owl Mobile

6. Make Mom a Paper Bird Mobile for Mother's Day
7. Make Tin Can Telephones This Weekend
8. DIY Sand Combs
9. Branch Trees
10. Toddler-Sized Toy Bench

11. More Made by Joel: Backyard Playhouse
12. Sleep Cycle Calculator

Clearly, this is a dad to follow! Find him at Made by Joel or on Facebook. Be sure to congratulate him on the recent arrival of his new daughter!

(Images: Made by Joel)