Blogging Wired: Can Opener Review

Blogging Wired: Can Opener Review

Mar 16, 2007

The can opener is one of most important kitchen utensils. Why is it then that looking into many peoples utensil drawer would reveal a rusty can opener requiring the grip strenth of an olympic wrestler to use? Fortunately, Wired has reviewed 4 electric models that take the hand cranking out of opening your pork and beans.

After consideration of cleanliness, cutting speed and balance, the can openers were ranked in the following order:

• Sharper Image No-Hands Deluxe Auto Can Opener $25
• Hamilton Beach Compact Can Opener $20
• Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener $50
• Black & Decker Ergo Cordless Can Opener $28

For $25, maybe now is the time to upgrade.

-image Peter Samuels for Wired

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