Blogging 7 x 7: The Green Design issue

Blogging 7 x 7: The Green Design issue

May 3, 2007

Design is typically only an occasional focus for city rags, but we've always been impressed by what 7x7 turns up when they dig into the local scene for their yearly design special.

This year the annual design issue, which has been on the stands for some time already, had a green focus and happened to include some great resources, products, and designers, many of them homegrown.

These are the articles they've made available online, though also of note is a piece on architect Kurt Melander's Bernal Heights garden. His stunning Andy Goldsworthy-inspired stone wall is not to be missed, but if you can't get ahold of the April issue, you might be able to spot it on a neighborhood stroll.

Spring Forward: Leilani Labong rounded up the some recent greatest hits in the sustainably-designed furnishings and home accessories category. Our fave is the lovely Legend Bookcase. We'd love to see what it looks like laden with someone's books, preferably ours.

Everything Is Illuminated: Catherine Wagner's vintage bulb photos are studies in color, form, and the evolution of an everyday object.

Structural Integrity: Another green house in Noe Valley (the Lorax house was completed last year), this one both a treehugger's and an architect's dream.
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