Blogging ABC News: Teaching Kids Label Literacy

Blogging ABC News: Teaching Kids Label Literacy

May 23, 2007

How do we teach children to make good food choices? A recent story on the ABC web site suggests that it is never too young to start talking to our kids about food labels and food advertising, and we agree.

So many food items are branded with television and movie characters - how do we teach our children not to fall for the marketing?

This was also on Nightline, which we missed, but we do love the idea that kids can go to an Ad Busters class and learn who targets them and why, along with the answers to questions like why Mac and Cheese is that bright orange color out of the box, and how eating fats affects your body.

What do you think? Would you send your kids to a class like this? Are you teaching your children to read food labels? How is that going - do you think they get it, or are they reaching for the Dora cookies?

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