Blogging... Adorn - "One Chair, Three Ways"

So a couple months ago the folks over at Adorn magazine invited me and two other design bloggers (Holly from Decor8 and Kayte from Love Forever) to contribute for a "creative spaces" feature titled, "One Chair, Three Ways". The premise was each of us would use the same chair as the inspirational starting point and design a room around it. I finally got my hands on my own copy of Adorn's Fall '07, now out on newsstands, so I thought I'd share my spread.

Believe it or not, the inspiration for my room was a junior high love. On the eve I began brainstorming, I happened to be revisiting some of the goth/new wave music of my angst ridden teen years, specifically the darker sound barrage of bands like Joy Division, The Jesus & Mary Chain and most specifically, Siouxsie and the Banshees. Then and there I decided to forgo my midcenturist tendencies and pursue a much more romantic and embellished interior, one inspired not only by my teen musical memories, but also the memories of the Parisian interiors I visually inhaled during my first jaunt to Paris. The Adorn team did a commendable job working from my design inspiration board, capturing just about everything I had imagined the room to look like. Definitely worth picking up a copy to take a closer look at Holly and Kayte's design direction and the Adorn team's hard handiwork. A most fond of thank you's to Adorn for inviting me to participate, and a very special thanks to Siouxsie Sioux.