Blogging Architectural Digest: April 2007

Blogging Architectural Digest: April 2007

Regina Yunghans
Mar 14, 2007

The belle of the ball on April's issue of Architectural Digest is Helen Mirren. Mirren and her husband, Taylor Hackford's New Orleans home is featured: a precious bungalow situated in the lower Quarter and painted in bright yellows and greens.

We don't always connect with AD, but this particular issue seemed more appealing to us than usual. The pieces we liked most:

Let There Be Light: A Tribeca loft renovation by architect Robert Kahn. An incredible model train set that takes over the entire mezzanine level is the highlight of this home.

A Natural Accord: A lakeside Texas guest house, designed by Miro Rivera Architects, is a modern, coppery structure. A reed-like bridge leads you over a marsh to reach the house.

Discoveries by Designers: Among the finds by designers, be sure to check out these two standouts: a great vintage print of Alexander, The Man Who Knows All, a truly amazing copper and brass watering can.

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