Blogging Canadian House & Home: Secrets from a Stylist

Blogging Canadian House & Home: Secrets from a Stylist

Last week we blogged about Oorbee Roy's condo featured in this month's Canadian House & Home, but that wasn't all the issue had to offer. The magazine asked a designer, a stylist and an architect for their "secrets"...

...and while both the architect and the designer had beautiful homes with high-end renovations, only the stylist worked with a smaller space, a smaller budget, and relied more on furnishings and paint to transform their space -- something us renters can appreciate.

Stylist Arren Williams and his partner Divid Pimentel unified their dining room with white -- paint, accessories and the table -- which also serves to make the small, multipurpose space feel bigger and less cluttered. And they've used every inch of that space, including the enviable under-stair nook (below -- the cube side table holds 200+ record albums).

Williams' tips include not skimping on lighting, and using dimmers on everything. He also uses textiles to inject color and pattern, especially when one must keep the walls simple to open up a small space. We love the rug + Ikea bookshelf combo in the office/guest bedroom.

Via: Canadian House & Home

Images: Angus Fergusson / Canadian House & Home

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