Blogging Chicago Magazine, March 2007

Blogging Chicago Magazine, March 2007

Heather Blaha
Mar 10, 2007

The March issue of Chicago Magazine contains some very AT-worthy coverage. Chicago continues to include design inspirations related to home life (even though Chicago Home has a lot of that covered!).

Some highlights for the AT-minds out there:

p. 64, Independently Minded: Hughes N'Cho-Allepot: "[Hughes is not] strictly opposed to making something out of nothing: he had nothing when he arrived in Brooklyn from Paris in 1999, so, despite his lack of carpentry skills, he built himself a simple platform bed..."

Upcoming plans include opening stores in Oak Park and downtown Chicago within the year.

p. 16, Designer Kara Mann: "In March, the 35-year-old Evanston native opens her own to-the-trade show room in River North stocked with furniture and accessories from companies like BDDW, Ochre, and Blackman Cruz that are not carried anywhere else in Chicago. Mann's specialty is mixing classicism with a dose of edge.

Her own Lake Shore Drive penthouse (featured in an upcoming issue of Metropolitan Home) is a paean to minimalism with decidedly goth undertones; most of the rooms are painted in a brown so dark, it's almost black."

p. 22, Boom in Bronzeville: "Reformed tech exec Helen West turns a [Frank Lloyd Wright] architectural charmer into an artists' haven," and opens Neleh, an art gallery in Bronzeville.

p. 70-71, Made in Chicago: Some great finds from 11 local designers, including Peter and Marilyn Frank of F2 (and our 2006 Fall Colors Contest winner!).

p. 81-85, The Wright Way: A great in-depth article about Richard Wright and Julie Thoma Wright, the power couple behind Wright auction house (from which Janel scavenges regularly for our listings). A must-read piece about a designer life with a gavel.

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