Blogging CNN: Belly 'facials,' photographers for moms-to-be

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We thought an umbrella valet was over the top, now we're reading about maternity concierge services. When we think of indulging ourselves during pregnancy we picture a Häagen-Dazs-stocked freezer and foot rubs from our partner.

A recent article on opened our eyes to the new maternity luxuries: belly "facials," professional pregnancy photo sessions, lavish babymoons, and pregnancy-tailored daily meal deliveries. Maternity concierge services are cropping up in cities around the country and offer services from nursery decoration and registry consultation to "spoon-feed[ing] you Ben and Jerry's ice cream or slather[ing] cocoa butter on your belly."

The article points out that as the average age of pregnant women has risen, so has the disposable incomes of moms-to-be. While this may be true, we're still having trouble picturing the maternity concierge client - is this just for the super rich (we don't happen to know any of the super rich)?

What about you? What was your greatest pregnancy extravagance?

(Image via Moments of Serenity.)

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