Blogging Consumer Reports: It's Not Easy Buying Green

Blogging Consumer Reports: It's Not Easy Buying Green

Stephanie Kinnear
Nov 27, 2007

Do you really know what's in your "green" products?

The people at Consumer Reports had their money on "no," so they sent some undercover shoppers to nab up a bunch of green products. Then, they went to the manufacturers of those products to see if the green claims were legit. And, you guessed it, some weren't.

We were actually pretty shocked by a few of the things Consumer Reports turned up. Call us naive, but when a reputable company makes a green claim on their label, we tend to believe them.

Do you?

Seventh Generation and Biokleen were two (well-known and well-received) green companies that found themselves on Consumer Reports' naughty list. That made us think twice about our shopping list and our buying habits.

Luckily, Consumer Reports has launched a companion web site that tackles green washing head-on --

Do you read the labels on your "green" products or do you simply trust your favorite companies? And have you ever been greenwashed?

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