Blogging Cookie Magazine: Kids-eye View Kitchen

Blogging Cookie Magazine: Kids-eye View Kitchen

Julia Cho
Mar 2, 2007

So, what does your kitchen look like from a 3 year old's level? Well, one kitchen in Los Feliz, California got a redesign with just that in mind. Cookie Magazine showcases the kitchen in a slideshow online. Obviously, they've got a bit of room and we were tempted to be more envious than inspired, but most of the ideas can actually be put into practice in a smaller space with a lesser budget so it's worth checking out!

Chalkboard paint seems to be showing up everywhere, but putting it on the refrigerator didn't seem practical to us. Well, this family applied the paint to Masonite panels cut to match the size of the refrigerator doors. A stool also seems like a must have so kids can wash their hands or get involved with the cooking.

Another idea we love- taking an ordinary corkboard or bulletin board and covering it with a decorative throw.

The kitchen is the heart of the home after all, so it does make sense to make it a more kid friendly place- and that means more than just using the back burners when you cook.

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