Blogging Cookie Magazine

Dinner is served! You can find some pretty cool dishes out there for your little ones these days and we've showcased a few of them here on The Nursery, but Cookie Magazine has a fun slideshow showcasing not only the cool plates for kids- but it even pairs them with an attractive dish for you. We never really thought about matching our kids' dishes with ours, but it's a fun idea and might make the family table a bit more united. Check out some of the suggested sets below the jump...

Here Carolina Verde porcelain is paired with a sectional melamine from Pottery Barn Kids. Their green shades complement each other so well.

We love how this Black Forest bone-china contrasts with the pattern on this Learning to Fly melamine plate by Marimekko.

These bunnies are just in time for Easter. The ceramic plate for you adults is only $12 at Smith and Hawkin, and the bunny family plate only $9 at Golden Rabbit.

If your dinnerware is complementary in any way, well- we're impressed. Send us your photos! And don't forget to check out the rest of the slideshow and buying info at Cookie Magazine's site.