Blogging Cottage Living: November '07

Blogging Cottage Living: November '07

Nov 7, 2007

"I couldn't bear to tear it down." That's what one Connecticut artist told Cottage Living when he inherited his family's run-down cottage (pg.44). Built in 1895, the cottage certainly qualified as an heirloom yet it was in a state of disrepair and, quite frankly, didn't match the modern sensibilities of its new owner.

So what do you do? You gut it...!

Inspired by Swedish schoolhouses, the design of the brand new century-old cottage is minimal but cozy. Sunlight now streams through the once dark cottage, bouncing off walls painted a crisp white or paneled in rich cedar (see above).

Also worth mentioning in this issue are the woven felt storage totes found in the make-over of an Atlanta bedroom/guest room (pg.22). They're called Burlington Baskets and are available in three sizes at DesignIdeas. A design trick that we're filing away for the future is to paint the inside (and sides) of drawers to match the main accent color in the room. What an unexpected and easy way to pull a room together.

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