Blogging CS Interiors: Premiere Issue

Blogging CS Interiors: Premiere Issue

Janel Laban
Nov 2, 2007

A new shelter mag for Chicago. We picked up a copy of the new CS Interiors magazine and saw some familiar faces, names and rooms...

  • David (above) of David's Andersonville Apartment made an appearance on page 110. He's living in Wrigleyville now, and from the photo we see that the Red Flocked Jesus made the move with him to the new place.

  • The masterminds behind Hejfina showroom, Ali and Heiji (who hosted the Spring Design party we enjoyed so much) talk "design curating" on page 48.

  • Nicole (above, with Brandon) of Pink Loves Brown and Making it Lovely (and Nicole and Brandon's Oak Park Bungalow) gets a mention on page 40.

    More that caught our eye:

  • The West Loop design district roundup on page 66, including Morlen Sinoway, Modern Times and SL Natof.

  • Woodworker Michael Koehler and Jessica Darrow's Bucktown loft shown starting on page 112.

  • A nearly 40 page design directory/marketplace closes out the issue.

    Anyone else check out this new mag? Let us know...

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