Blogging Domino: 03.07 - First Look

Blogging Domino: 03.07 - First Look

Janel Laban
Feb 20, 2007

So Good! It's a keeper. The March issue of Domino is a big beautiful collection of great GREEN design. A collaboration with Treehugger (yay!), the 21 page "Green List" is the centerpiece of an entire earth-friendly issue.

The food is organic, the materials renewable, the manufacturing responsible and while it's all super green, it's not at all bland - it's just as pretty as any other issue of Domino. It's printed proof that you don't need to sacrifice style to decorate (and live!) consciously.

Page 102: The cherry on top of all of the green goodness is a feature on one of our favorite design teams, Wary Meyers (you've got to love designers who describe their style as "organic hippy, but with a serious appreciation of good design - '70's Terence Conran meets bohemian David Hicks") ! We slinked them a few months ago, but will follow up with a closer look at their home and work later this week.

Page 35: The Green List. Domino and Treehugger pulled together a really great resource - over 125 companies and people who are making stylish green choices. Furniture, fabrics, wall treatments, rugs, renovation ideas, tile, bedding, cleaning products, food - it's all covered.

Page 90: Eco Bulbs. A list of the latest bulbs that are earth friendly but (hopefully!) don't emit that awful nasty light or flicker. Includes: Lumiram Full Spectrum for workspaces, N:Vision coil for ceiling fixtures, IKEA Sparsam for table lamps and GE Energy Smart for pendants.

Stay tuned - lots more from the March Domino to come...up tomorrow: Earth friendly flooring options from the Domino Renovator's Notebook.

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