Blogging... Domino TV Hutch Hideaway

Blogging... Domino TV Hutch Hideaway

Sonia Zjawinski
Jul 18, 2008

It's hard to find a TV that doesn't scream cold and modern! Those attributes work if you have a cold and modern home, but if you're more Shabby Chic than Design Within Reach a telly can look out of place.

One of the features in this month's Domino features a bedroom whose boob tube is tucked away in an antique white finish hutch. Their version costs a whopping $4K, but we found something similar at Target that could equally work as well...

Ironically, the above hutch is made by Shabby Chic for Target. At $350 it's a bargain compared to Domino's version, but we're not sure if its dimensions would fit a CRT inside. We suppose if you're going to save three grand on the hutch you could always invest in a flatscreen.

All you'd have to do to mimic the hutch in Domino is weather the white paint and add curtains to the interior of the doors.

Speaking of Target's lack of dimensions, why oh why is their website so lame about giving specifics? If you're going to sell furniture shouldn't you give customers important information about the width and length of said furniture?

Photos: Top, Domino; bottom, Target

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