Blogging Dwell Magazine

Blogging Dwell Magazine

Mar 21, 2007

April's edition of Dwell Magazine is titled: Renovate! Reuse! Recycle! Breathing New Life Into Old Buildings. At first glance it seemed to be an edition dedicated to building green but further look into the stories and we see that what they mean by the title is actually reusing architectural derelict buidings. Essentially ...The Loft.

The loft covered on the cover is a based in our hood of LA's China Town and anyone who grew up in LA and has a 20-25 year highschool reunion looming will recognize by the name alone: Madam Wong's home of punk rock in the 80's. The story tells quirks of "Madame Wong" [a real woman- Esther Wong] by the owners who had seen shows in this same venue while it was a club.
• Other stories include: A Minnesota multi-use building that had new life breathed into it.
• A Portland, Oregon's West End refurbish in the up and coming new portion of Portland
• Mullet Housing: "Business in the front- Party in the back" --adding on to an exsisting structures to expand it's footprint.

We appreciate Dwell's reuse idea especially in the land of bulldozers and peach stucco of LA, but we wonder how is this any different than the influx of loft building across the country -- in the "modern" building that has been so prevalent? I guess they just needed a catchy title for news stands.

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