Blogging Dwell: The New Website

Blogging Dwell: The New Website

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 28, 2007

Dwell just relaunched their website, with an eye to dragging it into the new media century. We blogged it at ATSF a few weeks back, and this morning we had the good fortune of sitting down with online editors, Perry Nelson and Christine Amini, to discuss the online road ahead.* They have packed a tremendous amount into the new site, with video, blog, resource lists, forums. What we want to know is, how does their website work for you? Check it out here.

*Of course, we think the road ahead is a two way street with great reader interaction and communities of common interest as opposed to simply writers pushing content out into the world. They get this and have tried to get some of this feeling into the new website.

Website design in Old Media always seems to revolve around the print edition getting maximum coverage and the online potential coming in second. That said, they have started making all of their magazine content available online (with a delay) and are revving up their blog going forward.

We think there is still much more that they could do in this direction. We think the future of Dwell as a brand will be bigger online than in print (say, 10 years from now). We think that their front page should be more active in terms of covering the daily news and info of the modern design home world. We'd like to see the blog on the FRONT page and not buried a few clicks down. We'd like to see Dwell cover worldwide modern home design in the way that TreeHugger covers Green: daily, copiously, feverishly. They've got a great subject and no close competitors (except online) and they could do this, but it means bending the website to the will of the online team, not the magazine. But that's just us.

On the other hand, we think they're off to a great start. This new site is a bit BUSY and a tad hard orient yourself on, but it feels ALIVE. We say great job, but don't stop!

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