Blogging Dwell: A New Shade of Green

Blogging Dwell: A New Shade of Green

Beautiful. That pretty much sums up how we feel about Dwell's November issue. We saw the cover and, as skeptical as we are of most magazines' requisite "green" issue, we felt powerless against its force. We had to buy.

Kudos to Dwell! A handful of magazines have been covering the environmental movement for generations; however, over the past two years, following Vanity Fair's first green issue, almost every magazine we can think of has attempted to replicate their formula: Find a green celebrity or two (Leonardo DiCaprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Al Gore are all popular options) and profile their latest film project or non-profit venture.

We hate to sound so jaded, because we really liked some of those issues -- especially Outside Magazine's Green Issue -- it's just that we're thrilled by Dwell's take on the trend:

• No celebrities -- unless you count a fabulous interview with green building pioneer and former UC Berkeley architecture professor Sim Van der Ryn.

• A focus on innovative designers and architects like Matt and Tina Ford, who have taken sustainability to a pretty unlikely place -- Houston, TX.

• And gorgeous images -- check out these slideshows of designer Jennifer Siegel's green bungalow and prefab showhouse in Venice, Ca.

Unfortunately there is very little content from the issue up on Dwell's site. In order to read about the completely off-grid home DesignBuildBLUFF built for a family in the Navajo Nation (probably our favorite article), you'll have to buy (or borrow) a copy.

We recommend the investment.

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