blogging Dwell Magazine: November 07'

blogging Dwell Magazine: November 07'

Nov 6, 2007

This month's Dwell Magazine features Jennifer Siegal's Venice home which was mentioned yesterday here at AT. Oddly enough we recently saw a home show [we can't remember which one] that walked through her home talking about her semi-truck add on. We can't help but want to rename the article "it ain't a home till you take the wheels off" just to poke fun at the semi truck portion, but Siegal has made great strides in the prefab development

area as well as green living with her soon to be "urban green centers" where you'll be able to buy everything from food to clothing and prefab homes under one roof.

Other articles worth mentioning this month, A home in Australia that has the most aggressive use of graywater filtration system we've ever seen, Los Angeles resident Tad Beck's warehouse home near USC, low income housing in Brooklyn [I guess we would be qualifying for this as well at $329k], Thoughts [and a DIY] on collecting rain water for gardening, and a look at Istanbul, Turkey are among many of the stories featured this month.

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