Blogging Electronic Home: FlatWire Enabled Devices

Blogging Electronic Home: FlatWire Enabled Devices

Mar 14, 2007

FlatWire is a great way to make wires literally disappear into your walls. Electronic House reports on new FlatWire-ready lighting systems designed to work with the wiring technology. Over thirty different fixtures are available to match your d├ęcor, and FlatWire wants to make it easy for us to integrate this technology into our homes.

After reviewing their step-by-step installation guide, it is clear that this is an easy and attractive solution to hiding our cords. Its as simple as adhering the "wire" to our walls and then painting over it to match the color of the wall.

The price, however, is a bit more difficult to swallow. The FlatWire ready sconces are all pretty reasonable ranging from $50-120. The installation kit, however, is $130 for the materials to install two lights. This is an investment in your home, worth making if you're going to be there for awhile.

Lighting is not the only use for FlatWire, they have an entire audio line as well. We know some of you are already using this technology, anyone else want to weigh in on the benefits of FlatWire?

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