Blogging Elle Decoration UK: Worthwhile?

Blogging Elle Decoration UK: Worthwhile?

Feb 16, 2007

We find our monthly page-through of Elle Decoration UK to be incredibly refreshing. The British edition has a light-hearted, youthful approach to design, showcasing ideas that are more relevant to urban living than a lot of what we see in American shelter mags. This includes sister mag Elle Decor US, which features a lot of grandly-scaled homes and grandly-scaled furniture.

Then there's the convenience of having all that Euro style described (and sourced) in English. And all those British turns of phrase, like "trad" and "furniture range," which make us feel like we're on holiday. But we digress.

The thing is, Elle Decoration UK is not easy to blog. They have ZERO online presence, so we can't link you to their features. As an experiment we'll cull ideas and sources from the mag and match them to online sources, and you can let us know if this makes a worthwhile read.

A few of the ideas and sources we liked from the Jan issue:

• "Print Queen," about textile designer Orla Kiely, reveals the news that she has branched out with a line of home furnishings, so far wallpaper, rugs, cabinets and upholstered pieces.

• "Elle Decoration Now," a roundup of small tidbits, includes this link to Dutch designer Sjors Trimbach's downloadable, foldable toys.

• In an article on Dutch stylist Reineke Joustra ("Still Life") we were taken by the Table Blanche, designed by Anne Demeulemeester.

More to come as we find worthwhile links to sub in for links to the actual articles!

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