Blogging Grist: How to Green Your Love Life

Blogging Grist: How to Green Your Love Life

Stephanie Kinnear
Feb 12, 2008

We thought this article we found over at Grist was pretty appropriate, seeing as we're talking about the bedroom here this month and Valentine's Day is just a couple days away.

We can honestly say, when it comes to our love life, we aren't often thinking about the environment ... are you?

Grist says we might as well be -- it's easy, and it "involves a heck of a lot more nakedness than any other eco-action" they can think of.

Grist's advice for greening your sex life?

Well, some of it we're a little too shy to repeat here (you'll have to read for yourself) but a lot of it makes sense -- and, actually it's probably stuff you're doing already.

Try organic cotton sheets (they're nice to roll around in)

Switch to compact fluorescent bulbs (opt for "soft" or "warm" -- that's more romantic) -- Or, light some soy wax candles.

Or just play in the dark.

Get all the really juicy tips right here.

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