Blogging Hallmark Magazine: Inside Outside

Blogging Hallmark Magazine: Inside Outside

Alejandra Valera
Jun 26, 2007

Summer is officially here and that means more time outdoors, even if the outdoors are just part of your porch or deck. June's Hallmark Magazine gives helpful suggestions on how to make your outside space more daily living-friendly.

For those of us lucky enough to have an outdoor space to call our own, these tips are great!

  • Floral Fences - A front or back porch become more intimate by creating a "fence" with big vases of flowers lined up on your railing.

  • Prop Closet - Stop running in and outside the house for things. An inexpensive shelf or cabinet can be used as an outdoor closet for keeping plates, snacks, pillows and more, handy.
  • Happy Meals - Have the kids help set the table outside. Meals can be more exciting when eaten outdoors.

    Hallmark loves Potluck Studio's Paisley Pinwheel tablecloth and Sally Russell's Polka Dot Napkins.

  • What do you like to do to bring the indoors, more outdoors?

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