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Home and architecture are big in Ireland. With the booming economy, wealthy Euro patrons and the Irish love of earth friendly, organic design, we feasted on a few shelter magazines, including this one, House - architecture | design | garden | advice.

Big and glossy, this is also a serious architecture mag with a good number of really new and novel designs. It is our belief that the best green design is and will be coming from Europe, and House proves it...

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In the issue we read, Summer 07, there was a very cool glass house set in a green field that turned the color of its surroundings due to the reflection of the glass.

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There was also another called The Lighthouse, which was billed as "The world's most sustainable mainstream home, made in Ireland." It was beautiful and novel in shape and interior.

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Finally, there was also a very sexy addition, entirely clad in cold rolled steel, fit onto a traditional Irish house.

Interested in seeing what's going on in the rest of the world? We'd recommend a subscription to House.

P.S And we hope that they don't mind that we scanned all these pics from their magazine, as their online presence left us no choice. We'd love to do an online partnership if they are interested...

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