Blogging ID Magazine: March - The Ornament Issue

Blogging ID Magazine: March - The Ornament Issue

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 30, 2007

We love ID. Can we just say it? Of all the magazines and catalogs that come through our door, ID is the most refreshing because they aren't so much about SELLING stuff as they are about talking about ideas. This issue is a case in point.

With an entire issue focusing on the resurgence of "bling" and ornament (think Tord Boontje), every article works on a different facet with the aim of giving a complete perspective on the situation...

We prefer to read ID at night with a glass of wine, when we can really expand and dig the content. Each article gets to the point and none go on forever. Often, as with this issue as well, they strive for a takedown on a really big idea (which may be too ambitious) and only manage to takedown a part of it. Not all the articles are interesting, but in their striving they do a great job.

Articles we recommend:

Julie Lasky's intelligent introduction

Q&A with Gary Huswit who made "Helvetica"

• Saks Fifth Avenues new brand identity story

• Ornament Decriminalized by Steven and Mara Skov Holt

Why the hell the Zune went with BROWN! (big mistake, in our opinion)

• Who really chooses the colors each year? The Color Marketing Group in Va.

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