Blogging Kiwi: Natural Solutions for a Healthy Home

Blogging Kiwi: Natural Solutions for a Healthy Home

Alejandra Valera
May 13, 2008

We always looking for ways to make our homes cleaner and freer of environmental toxins and going green -- whether it be in big steps or small steps -- definitely makes a difference.

When you begin to make your home greener, not only is it better for our children's health, it just makes us feel better when we know we're doing something good for the Earth as well.

Kiwi Magazine gives you a great starting point in their article, "Natural Solutions for a Healthy Home."

According to the article and Christopher Gavigan, Children's Health Environmental Coalition CEO and executive director, "Kids are more sensitive to their environments, especially within their first years…Their bodies are still developing, their immune systems are not fully established, and they're not capable of excreting toxins as well as adults can. There's no longer a debate as to whether the home environment affects their health; it's just a matter of how much."

The article gives you advice on how to tackle room by room, to create a greener home…
In the kitchen:

  • Look for cabinets made from solid-wood which are formaldehyde free.

  • Marmoleum flooring naturally kills bacteria and repels dust.

  • Get rid of plastic and opt for glass and stainless steel containers, cookware, and more

In the living room:

  • Go with a water-based low (or no) VOC paint. The brands they recommend are Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Milk Paint.

  • Bamboo blinds are a great option if you want blinds made from natural materials.

In the bedroom:

  • Select a mattress made from natural latex foam, as most regular mattresses contain high levels of PVC, petroleum and formaldehyde.
  • Having a pillow made from organic fibers is an easy way to reduce toxins in your child's room.

For complete info on these and to read more tips, visit the Kiwi Web site.

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