Blogging Los Angeles: February 2007 - Studio Blockbusters

Blogging Los Angeles: February 2007 - Studio Blockbusters

Gregory Han
Feb 6, 2007

Perhaps we're just excited about the future return of AT's Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest, but we really enjoyed this month's issue of Los Angeles. Notably, inside are six pages dedicated to four different residential studio spaces in LA that creatively utilize spaces ranging from 400 square feet to 1,800 square feet for creative pursuits. As expected from a Los Angeles magazine feature, the residences are all on the high end of the spectrum, but there are many worthy ideas and bits of advice about colour, lighting and organizational solutions these architects, painters and designers accomplished in each of their respective spaces that could inspire all of our more humble abodes.

Check out a few photos of the studios below, under the cut...

Our favourite is the smallest of the bunch. At 400 square feet, landscape architect Joseph Marek's lush and rich Santa Monica office looks more like a getaway resort than an office space. And we love the additional indoor/outdoor interaction of his converted garage with the garden, which doubles as an extension of his office area, perfect for discussing projects with clients.

But if we could have Steven Elrich's 1,500 square foot studio space below, we wouldn't be complaining either. At this point, get us a glorified tool shed and plop it onto our apartment's roof.

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